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Whatever your experience, learn about & get involved in film production

Whether you write, act, film, edit, or just want to learn about - and get involved in - film making, come along.

Every member can join in with one of our friendly production teams and get involved in a current project. With a team competition every 2 months there’s always something underway from a new script to a new shoot and another one coming soon!

So, if you’re experienced, looking to learn, or just want to spice up your videos, come along.

Latest News
Congratulations to the Packers Team

The Packers team secured both 1st and 2nd place in the Open Competition with two excellent and very different productions.

Best Present was a well produced, simple and fun drama while Arran's Story, a wonderful short documentary, gave a very emotional insight into the achievements of a brave young man.

There were other excellent entries too and you can see all the entries from this competition here.

Videos by members and teams


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