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The place where film makers of all levels meet, film shorts for fun and creativity

Join our Facebook community! open to the public and Members ONLY Facebook open to financial club members.

Want to make your first short film to submit to a film festival but donít know where to start? Join our non-profit film club and make a short with a fun film crew and get a taste of it.

Once you register and come along you'll be assigned to a group of similar age people (18 minimum), given a script, lights, mics etc. and we'll find an editor if needed. Open to all ages, film students welcome for added experience.

Come along on any 4th Wed.of the month (not Dec.) We usually have guest speakers and your first visit is free.

We meet at the Dougherty Centre, Chatswood. Join one of our crews today!

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Latest News
2018 is going to be an exciting year!

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This year we are going to concentrate on the following major areas:

  1. Monthly Club Meetings (on the 4th Wed of the month), will have

    1. Welcoming of new members, news and announcements

    2. Bi monthly competition reviews and community judging

    3. Theme instructional topic, which may have consecutive part II on some occasion
      Members' Q&A

      NOTE: Questions must be submitted to at least 3 days PRIOR to meeting)

    4. Non-competition member videos

    5. Member interviews, to get to know our members

    6. Review of last Focus Night, and announcement of the next Focus Night programme

  2. Focus Nights (on 2nd Wed of the month), will have

    1. Interactive workshops to develop movie making techniques. (Bring your camera and laptop)

    2. Hands-on Q&A

    3. Long Term Movie Project titled "Make or Break"

      This will be handled outside of the regular meetings and is to spent the entire year to develop a short film suitable for entering into external film festivals.

Next Meeting
February Club Night
Wednesday, 28 February 2018
Come along on Wednesday, 28 February 2018 for February Club Night
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Exact programme details to be confirmed soon but as well as the main theme of the meeting this evening is also the closing date for the first competition of the year - the open competition for films up to 5 mins.

Also, an updat3 from the Citizen Kane analysis focus night.

Plus, more news on the Club Script.

Time: 7.30pm - 10.00pm
          Location details



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