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Whatever your experience, learn about & get involved in film production

Whether you write, act, film, edit, or just want to learn about - and get involved in - film making, come along.

Every member can join in with one of our friendly production teams and get involved in a current project. With a team competition every 2 months there’s always something underway from a new script to a new shoot and another one coming soon!

So, if you’re experienced, looking to learn, or just want to spice up your videos, come along.

Latest News
25 February 2015 Meeting

Ian Scott (Scotty) led a well received session on effective Log-lines and the importance of having a Log-line. As he said "If you don't have a good Log-line, then no point in writing the Script!". This was followed by a workshop session, with people divided into small groups, and asked to create an effective Log-line to a story that was read out.

After the coffee break, we all watched the 6 entries for the Feb. Open Comp. The standards were high and many got a round of applause at the end.

Next up were some excellent training videos, dealing with the complex and challenging task of finding and fitting music to your movie scene. This was popular that the crowds demanded to see the next episode in the training - twice!

Finally, Arni showed his compilation of some vintage slap-stick clips put to music. After the training videos, we really got a feel foe how much work he would have had to do to cut this!

Don't forget - you gotta come, otherwise you miss out!

See you at the next meeting!

Paul Szilard
(Webmonster, sorry, webmaster)

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