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An award from the annual Video of The Year Competiition

An Award from the Annual
Video Of the Year Competition


Each year the club runs regular competitions which are all judged by external judges culminating in the Video of The Year competition. Video of the Year is also judged by experienced international film makers.

Closing Date Theme / Category Max.
17th February

15 Second and 30 Second Ad on theme of REVENGE
An ad with both a 15 and 30 second cut on the theme of REVENGE
15 and 30 seconds
21st April
Submit online here

Wealth Disparity
Open genre on theme of Wealth Disparity
5 mins
21st July Shared Script / Edit
Edits of the "In the shower" script shot by the NUTS team. Entries can be also be from separate shoots if they exist (i.e. not the NUTS team footage).


5 mins

Postponed Shared Edit
The edit competition will use footage which will be shot during the year and which will be made available by the end of June / early July.

Additional Entry Rules for this competition only

  • Maximum 1 entry per Team
  • Maximum 1 entry per an individual in any team (or if not in a team), but must be significantly different, so you can't simply change the sound, for instance. It needs to be a different edit.

5 mins
27th October

Video of the Year and NSW Inter Club Competition

SVMC Competition
Category Maxmium Duration
Advertisement 1 min
Travel 5 mins
Special Techniques 5 mins
Music 5 mins
Documentary 10 mins
Drama 10 mins
NSW Inter Club Competition
Open Category 5 mins

For both competitions:

The above times exclude any club intro, team intro, titles and credits.

Titles and credits should be no more than 30 seconds combined.

Club and team intros are separate but should aim to be under 20 seconds combined.


Any questions on competitions should be directed to the Competition Manager.


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