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Video of The Year 2019


Each year the club runs regular competitions which are all judged by external judges culminating in the Video of The Year competition. Video of the Year is also judged by experienced international film makers.

Closing Date Theme / Category Max.
20th Feb
Closed - car ad entries

30 Second Car Ad
A 30 second car commerical 
30 secs

17th April
Closed - horror without dialog entries 
Horror - without dialog
Up to 5 min horror film which does not have any spoken dialog.
5 mins.
19th June
Closed - music video entries 
Music Video
A music video!

5 mins.
17th September
Closed - shared edit entries 
Shared Edit
The Edit competition will use Cinderella footage shot on 18th July

Additional Entry Rules for this competition only

  • Maximum 1 entry per Team
  • Maximum 1 entry per an individual in any team (or if not in a team), but must be significantly different, so you can't simply change the sound, for instance. It needs to be a different edit.

5 mins
23rd October
October Club Night
Video Of The Year

Category Max Length
Drama (in club competition) 10 mins.
Documentary 10 mins.
Music 5 mins.
Travel 5 mins.
Special Techniques 5 mins.
One Minute Film
(Drama / Advertisement / Montage)
1 min.

Inter Club Open Competition
Inter-club open category entries 10 mins.

Any questions on competitions should be directed to the Competition Manager.


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